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[Tuyển dụng] Trợ lý thư viện và hiệu sách tại VDIC (World Bank)

Trung tâm thông tin phát triển Việt Nam (VDIC) thuộc Ngân hàng Thế giới (WORLD BANK) thông báo tuyển vị trí Trợ lý thư viện và hiệu sách. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 18/4/2012. Nộp hồ sơ online theo đường link ở phía cuối bài viết.

Background / General description

The Vietnam Development Information Center (VDIC) offers to the general public a range of facilities and services that stimulate development thinking, provide access to the latest knowledge and information available worldwide, and supply targeted distant learning training courses. The Center provides a range of integrated functions and services that promote information exchange cooperation and a comprehensive approach to development. Besides video-conferencing/distance learning facilities, the VDIC includes a reference library, a documentation sales point, free publications distribution and computers with access to Internet.

The Team Assistant will be based in the VDIC of The World Bank’s Hanoi Office, at grade level GB, will be for two year coterminous term appointment with possibility of extension given satisfactory performance and workload demand.

Duties and Accountabilities

Under the supervision of the VDIC’s manager and in collaboration with the librarian and the public information associate, the Assistant performs general duties connected with the operations of the library and the bookstore and the networking with the in-country Public Information Corners. The Assistant will assist the Librarian to maintain a clean and organized Center, including accurate shelving, re-shelving, and labeling of items.  


• Support the Public Information Associate to run the book sales operations, and  submit monthly accounting report
• Register all sales according to established procedures including fees for printing and photocopying
• Receive new books – enter info in database – give all invoices to the Public Information Associate with a record of what has been received.
• Prepare pricing labels (including location code) and place on books – give one copy to the Public Information Associate for new releases section.
• Maintain the Access database established for the bookstore operations. Enter data on all new acquisitions
• Tidying up the bookstore area on a daily basis.


• Catalog library materials (original and copy cataloging) under the supervision of the librarian; Update the Official Gazette database.
• Guide customers to find information, publications/books.
• Provide reference services when questions deal primarily with operational work of any of the partner’s organization.
• Assist users with Internet searches and CD-ROMs content and usage.
• Source and purchase books for library, contact other organizations for relevant free documents.
• On regular basis, support the librarian in preparation of display of certain national, international day/event
• Support the Librarian to reorganize the library, provide back-up when she/he is on leave
• Periodically ensure all brochures and information on Bank’s project are updated (hard copy and electronic information)
• Reshelve all used library materials in the appropriate section of the library, and record daily material usage statistics.
• Shelf-read the library collection on a regular basis to maintain the items in correct order on the shelf.
• Prepare labels for catalogued books and place on books together with VDIC label/stamp.
• Support the Librarian to reorganize the library, to weed the collection, to re-label items, or to do other clerical library duties, as requested.

Support the operations of the Public Information Corner network

• Act as a focal point to collect all development related materials available (from WB and other development partners) to send to local PICs network on a regular basis.
• In charge of producing and sending VDIC produced exhibition materials to local PICs network under the guidance of the VDIC librarian.
• Responsible for distributing the updated project information/document to all local PICs network as appropriate.
• Responsible for free distribution of publications for sale to Universities and public libraries all over Vietnam.  

Other support tasks

• Responsible for producing and updating WB project books and updated operational materials for VDIC
• Conduct quarterly and annual client surveys on the overall services of the Center.
• Maintain a well-stocked free publications area and replenish as needed.
• Request and receive new free publications from partners and, after manager’s clearance, display as appropriate.
• Conduct the monthly inventory of the Center’s stock.
• Assist users with use of the photocopying machine – ensure paper supply is appropriate.
• Ensure constant supplies of toner and paper for the printers.

Selection Criteria

• The ideal candidate will have a BA degree in library and information sciences or related fields with at least 5 years work experience in relevant position such as secretary, administration
• Ability to adapt to changing business needs by continuous learning/training
• Ability to produce high-quality work under pressure. Good interpersonal skills and high service orientation.

• Committed team player with demonstrated inter-personal skills and ability to work
• Fluency in English language, in addition to a native command of Vietnamese, with excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing, is including proven skills in report-writing.
• Strong computer/ information technology skills.

*** Closing Date: 18-Apr-2012

*** This position required to pass relevant Bank Group tests in place at time of recruitment (e.g. English, computer applications, etc.).

*** Apply online at http://extjobs.worldbank.org/external/default/main?pagePK=64273552&piPK=64778863&theSitePK=1058433&JobNo=120762&order=descending&sortBy=job-req-num&location=ALL&menuPK=64778838

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  1. Minh duoc di thi viet, bi out ngay tu vong gui xe. Tiec qua. English grammar va spelling (70%), word, excel, … (80%), chuyen nganh (85%), ap luc thoi gian cuc lon, an nut lien tuc moi mong tiep tuc di vaaaaaaao vong phong van. Ai co

  2. Minh la con trai hoc nganh thu vien, cong nhan kho xin viec that. ma o ngoai mih cang kho xin. may dua ban trong nam di lam het roai………bun cho so phan,…han cho su nghiep.

    1. Chứ xin dk việc rồi càng chán hơn……………Làm trái nghành cũng tốt mà bạn hãy tìm một việc gì đó thay vì đi làm thư việc.Chúc bạn thành công